Calvary Theological College

Calvary Theological College

Calvary Theological College is an auxiliary of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). The Bible is the source of our teaching and the Holy Spirit is the source of our inspiration.

Calvary Theological College is a place where every student is welcomed and valued.

It has been the dream of our Leaders that COGIC established a school providing theological training for the people of God and especially those entering Ministry. This was achieved in September 1984 when the COGIC Bible School & Training Unit was established at Northumberland Park, Tottenham.

In January 1987 the School formed an association with the Overstone Theological College in Birmingham and in February 1987, based on the high standards of courses offered, the School was granted College status and gained affiliation to the European Theological Seminary. The Calvary Theological College as it was renamed, is open to COGIC members as well as students of other faiths and has served a wide Christian community ever since.

The College has its roots in the Pentecostal tradition, offering a wide range of courses in theological education with a strict emphasis on the Doctrine of the Church. Some of the other courses covered include Old and New Testament studies, Sunday School and Evangelism. The College has run consistently for 24 years without interruption but it was not possible to provide studies for the academic year 2008/2009 as the College was temporarily closed. The College reopened in September 2009.


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